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White, soft, nature bamboo socks

119 kr
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Ankle Sock of natural fiber bamboo with loose elastic.

Comfortable and soft socks made of natural bamboo fiber. Available in sizes 34-36, 37-39 and 40-42. The socks are sold individually or in 3-pack.

-Keeps your feet dry - Bamboo is 3-4 times better than cotton absorbationsförmåga

-Good for sensitive skin - bamboo fibers are round and soft

-Not a bad odor - Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial

-Grown without pesticides

About bamboo:

These socks are made of Mosobambun, also called jättebambun. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Harvesting of Mosobambun not threaten giant pandas because their diet consists of a lower bamboo varieties. Mosobambun grown and harvested on family owned plantation in China.

For the bamboo can be used as fiber for fabrics so they go through a viscose. Our supplier ensures that production takes place in closed systems and with great regard for the environment. Bamboo socks have been tested including the incidence of NP. Nature Conservation Society have reported on the increase of NP in our Swedish rivers pg of imported textiles (Read: Nature Conservation Society Press Release 070 926), the bamboo socks that Hildur sell contain only 4 ppm of NP, ie 4 / one millionth Textile Importers Association has set a recommended limit of 250 ppm.

72% viscose / bamboo, 27% polyamide, 1% spandex.

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