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Ekelund linen mill is well known by many and stands for quality and Swedish tradition. They also have some of their production of organic cotton you can find in Hildur.

All Ekelund production takes place in its own factory in Horred. They import yarns dyed in Sweden. Then they weave, prepare, and made-up. Machines consists of the latest technology that effectively dealt with by Ekelund proud skilled workers. Ekelund, Linneväveriet in Horred AB is 100% owned by the family. Christer Ekelund and Margaret, and children Peter and Pia Ekelund. All four family members working in the company. 17 generations, and more than 450 years, the family has been working with textiles. According to well-documented research is Ekelund's probably the world's oldest documented family textile business. Borje Larsson, the first known family member, Born 1540th The period was characterized by subsistence, and on the farms they were woven textiles that were needed. From this knowledge grew the family business. But it was not until well into the next century, the 1600s, which could be discerned the outlines of what is now Linneväveriet in Horred and brand Ekelund.