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Asquith - yoga clothing

Asquith makes well-designed yoga clothing in sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. In Asquith collections you will find yoga pants, yoga tops, tank tops, harem pants, etc. Asquith pilates and yoga clothes are characterized by that they are comfortable, well-cut and well made. The clothes are designed to also be worn by women outside the yoga mat - in school, as leisurewear, at workwhile traveling and so on.

Asquith is an English brand and was founded by Alice Asquith already in 2002 when the yoga trend had not yet reached Europe. With her own brand, she has combined her love of fabrics and design with her two passions: yoga and pilates. For Alice, it is also important that the ethical and environmentally friendly permeates the entire business. Asquith is a brand for people who love yoga!