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Karmameju, Face Serum CHANGE Karmameju, Face Serum CHANGE
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Karmameju, Face Serum CHANGE

549 kr
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A facial serum with a complex mixture of lipids and precious pure essential oils selected to balance and soothe skin types that tend to be a little fatter. The cleansing and strengthening properties of kanuka, bergamot and Tamanu effectively treats the underlying causes of acne and blemishes. Cedar and rose geranium balances talgutsöndringen with oily skin. Sea Buckthorn, patchouli and Helichrysum stimulates cell renewal and healing

- Balances the sebum and makes oily skin clearer
- Reduces scarring from acne by improving tissue growth.

Rose geranium: balancing, stimulating, purifying, healing
KANUKA: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, calming
BUCKTHORN: sunscreen, vitamins A & E, healing
HELICHYSUM: relaxing, anti-inflammatory, restoration

50 ml 1.70 fl oz

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