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attachmentINCI MILD body oil

Mild Body Oil from Karmameju

390 kr
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A wonderful body oil with organic olive oil and jojoba oil to nourish and restore dry skin. Contains lavender has soothing and cleansing and camomile that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Dillfröolja seem exhilarating and cathartic. Karmamejus Mild Body Oil, you can use every day, it is also suitable for children and pregnant women.

- Prevents hudbrisningar during pregnancy
- Massage Oil for baby
- Suitable for sensitive skin and alleviates eczema.
- Can be used for head massage to soothe irritated and itchy scalp
- Massage the abdomen to relieve nausea and troubled tummies.

Chamomile: calming, balancing, repairing, for sensitive skin
LAVENDER: calming, relaxing, balancing
Dill: revitalizing, calming

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