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Karmameju Natural Candle Hot Natural Candle
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Karmameju, Scented candles HOT

262 kr
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Karmamejus all-natural candles with soy wax from ethically and sustainably produced soy is selected to provide a scented candle with the best quality. Even the fragrances of the candles are natural. Karamejus Eco Wax burns much cleaner and slower than usual parrafin wax. 

The candles burn for about 35 hours

Karmameju HOT is a luxurious, sensual and heady blend of patchouli and essential oils of ylang ylang, balanced with frankincense, lemon and petitgrain.

PATCHOULI: purification, antidepressant, healing

Ylang Ylang: Sensual, sedatives, tranquilizers, regulates

PETIGRAN: purifying, balancing, calming

INCENSE soothing, calming, refreshing

GERANIUM: balancing, stimulating, purifying,

HEALING SAGE: relaxing, rejuvenating, balancing

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