Body Oil Wild from Karmameju

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Body oil WILD from Karmameju

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Wild Body Oil combines the rejuvenating and nourishing properties of almonds and vindruveolja to an oil that is rich in atnioxidander and easily absorbed into the skin. Contains Litsea May Chang, sweet orange and lavender which are essential oils that relieves tension and provides energy. Grapefruit, mint and patchouli stimulates, strengthens the skin and appears to rejuvenating.

- Stimulates to combat cellulite and water retention
- Uplifting and rejuvenating massage oil
- Refreshing and cleansing bath oil
- Major oil that stimulates hair growth and relieves flaking scalp.

SWEET ORANGE: warm, uplifting, soothing
SPEARMINT: restorative, calming, mentally stimulating
GRAPEFRUIT: anti-depressant, cleansing, purifying
Lemongrass: revitalizing, stimulating, purifying

200ml 6.75fl oz

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