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Divine - Fairtrade chocolate

Divine chocolate is made from the finest beans from the cooperative Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.

Kuapa Kokoo
To counter the threat of losing their homes in Ghana's liberalization of the cocoa market in 1993, joined a group of visionary farmers together and started a cooperative. Cooperative's goal was to collect and sell the cocoa to their own profit. Backed including the Twin (an English Fair Trade Organization) started up the cooperative, which was named "Kuapa Kokoo" which in local language Twi, means "The good kakoböndernas companies".

Their motto is "Pa Pa Paa" which means "The best of the best of the best"
The organization is made by and for the cocoa farmers themselves and their goals are:

· Increased voice and representation for farmers
· Social, economic and political empowerment
· Greater empowerment of women throughout the organization
· Ecologically Sustainable Production

Note that this cocoa is certified organic but Fair Trade certified, but according to Fair Trade to be ecologically sustainable production promoted