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iPhone Sleeves in leather, from Bellio

299 kr
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Not available
Product Description:

Cases are made to fit an iPhone without a large scale, but they fit most smartphones and even an iPhone 4 with thin shells.

On the back is a pocket where you can stop a credit card or two. The case also has a cord that allows you to hang it around your neck.

As with all leather products, stretch it a little with time, it may for example be difficult to bring down a card the first time and then there is no problem with three.

Phone case is hand made in Docksta shoe factory in the north. They are made of vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery in Upland. The leather is produced with minimal impact on the environment, it is compostable and certified according to TÜV White Line standards.

The dimensions are 8 * 13 cm.

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