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Ekelund, dish cloth Ekelund, dish cloth Ekelund, dish cloth

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Eco-labeled Dishcloth from Ekelund.

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Ekelund Weavers Dishcloth - Diskruta
Hygienic - Functional - Easy - Environmental brand
Dish cloth is woven of cotton and bambuviskos and has a high absorbency. Bamboo has a feature that eliminates bacteria up to 75% within 24 hours. The growing of bamboo requires no pesticides to be charged or natural product.

Dish cloth is qualitatively adequate to meet the cleaning requirements necessary for a germ free dishcloth. Something to be cooked or machine washed up to 95 degrees. The cloth can also be sterilized in a microwave, wet, 4 min at full power (Biomedical research results). It provides a long-term use of the highest quality, color, form and function. Developed and produced in Sweden. Possible to use again and again - "End of wear and discard the epoch". More info: Ekelund dish cloth

50% cotton and 50% bambuviskos
Ekelund dish cloth, developed and produced by Ekelund, Linneväveriet in Horred, has been appointed YEAR TEXTILE 2009 by the Textile and Clothing - Swedish Textile and Fashion Companies, the trade association for the textile and fashion industry. The jury, which is the basis for the award reads:

"Ekelund has an outstanding design and a functional and environmentally friendly combination of cotton and bambuviskos, converted a traditional commonplace dish cloth for a very exciting product. The canvas is an outstanding example of a commercially successful Swedish Coffee product"

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