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Karmameju, Scented candle SPA

195 kr
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Product Description:
Karmamejus all-natural candles with soy wax from ethically and sustainably produced soy is selected to provide a scented candle with the best quality. Even the fragrances of the candles are natural. Karamejus Eco Wax burns much cleaner and slower than usual parrafin wax. The candles come in a stylish glass container, nicely packaged in a round box with lid.

The candles burn for about 36 hours

Karmameju, Tealight SPA
Edoftljus with a clean, fresh scent of Eucalyptus, Camphor, ylang ylang and cedarwood to create balance and calm. The fresh scent is suitable when you have a cold (VIX smells of you who remember) and to clean out the room with bad smell. Works also perfect as insecticides.

EUCALYPTUS: purification, decongestant, sedative
CAMPHOR: balancing, decongestant, anti-inflammatory
YLANG YLANG: sensual, soothing
CEDAR sedative, antidepressant, balancing, healing

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