Facial Serum from Karmameju

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Karmameju, Face Serum Soothe

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A deeply soothing blend of nourishing lipids and essential oils. Oils from calendula, rose and chamomile reduces and prevents inflammation. The serum is enriched with precious essential fatty acids, rosehips, Tamanu and buckthorn accelerates regeneration and healing, and goes down in epidermislagren. Lavender and sandalwood moisturizes sensitive skin.

- Soothing and moisturizing for sensitive skin
- Reduces redness and inflammation
- Balances the sebum
- Healing antioxidant cell renewal
- Use before bedtime for a deep sleep

Chamomile: calming, balancing, repairing, for sensitive skin
PALMA ROSA: moisturizing, healing, antiseptic.
POMEGRANATE: antioxidant, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, soothing.
Camelia: moisturizing, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, antioxidant protection.

50 ml 1.70 fl oz

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