Best Sellers

  • Towel, Fairtrade, Off white

    119 kr
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  • M Picaut Anti Age, Exfoliating Peel Mask

    359 kr 508 kr
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  • Himla Runner, white

    249 kr
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  • Gripsholm, terry towel in organic cotton, White

    89 kr
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  • Long sleeve sweater, Fairtrade & organic, White

    290 kr
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  • Timberland - Canvas bag

    890 kr
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  • Invero, long shawl Bella, White

    299 kr
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  • Karmameju, Handcream LIFE 03

    239 kr
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  • Sobe, Jumper in jearsey, black

    490 kr
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  • KGH Silk shawl, dark blue pattern

    295 kr
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  • Pukka, licorice and cinnamon (Pleasure)

    39 kr
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  • Spirit of Maya - long-sleeved shirt made of bamboo, black

    649 kr
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  • Apple & Bee, Travel Wallet Black

    290 kr
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  • Madness, Short skirt, Sand

    590 kr
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  • Eco Cosmetics, Lip Care 30 (SPF)

    49 kr
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  • Reneé Voltaire - Ginger Pastilles

    35 kr
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  • Luxsit - Enrich Conditioner

    195 kr
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  • Sun Salutation Yoga Mat - Zakti Mat, Black

    679 kr
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  • Wakami, Bracelet Long Life is

    135 kr
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  • The Organic Company, Wellness Towel Dark Grey 163x109cm

    480 kr
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  • Karmameju, scented candles YELLOW

    390 kr
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  • M Picaut Anti Age, Hydrating Water

    289 kr
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  • T-shirt, white from Knowledge Cotton Apparel

    290 kr
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  • Ecojot, 2 pack notebooks, Spring Garden Organge

    99 kr
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Selected Organic Clothing

Green in all the colors and forms

The active and conscious human being knows what she consumes and where it comes from. In Hildur you will find a wide selection of organic clothing and textiles. In our catalog you will also find organic nature skin care and beauty products along with several matching items.

Unique range of eco clothing

Hildur's mission is aimed at providing a unique and interesting selection of organic clothing, home textiles and skin care products. Our goal is to offer only organic products covered in combination with a beautiful and stylish design.
Choose eco clothing or any of our other organic products for an active and conscious life!

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